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that -- six of the seven people were treated and released. the 7th person still in the hospital but is expected to survive. witnesses say the driver was not at the wheel when the bus started rolling forward. investigators say the driver ror is the cause of the crash. administrators working to eliminate bed bugs after they were found at the community college. one of the classrooms has been shut down. the college brought in people to preform a heat treatment trying to get rid of the nasty pests. new tonight, struggled to breath every day. one man said it's because of something you probably have right now, popcorn. as tj reports tonight, jury agreed with him. >> when abc news first met wayne watson in 2007, the colorado man was obsessed with
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popcorn snacks. >> eat about two bags a day. . >> reporter: that was the case for ten yearsal he was found to have a rare disease, popcorn lung. he said he now has only about 53% lung capacity. >> you n't blow air out. the small airways get blocked with scar tissue you're. >> reporter: it's usually found in plant workers -- an artificial flavoring used to give popcorn that buttery taste. watson sued the maker and the supermarket that sold it claiming the company never warned people that it was dangerous. >> they thought that no consumer would be exposed to enough of it to make a difference. they rolled the dice and they lost. >> reporter: a jury agreed, even though defense attorneys argued the health problems stemmed from his years of working with carpet cleaning chemicals. yesterday watson was awarded
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damages totaling $7.2 million. he plans on giving the money to charity. one thing he said he won't do is buy popcorn. >> i don't hardly ever eat it  any more. sometimes once in a while we will pop some the old fashioned way. >> reporter: the popcorn michener this case told a tv station that it was disappointed in jury's decision the store chain plans to appeal the judgement. tj, abc news new york. >> maryland woman was among the people stuck on a ride for almost four hours. the wind seeker malfunctioned, stranding riders hundreds of feet in the air. >> the first half hour was rough. i have a fear of heights. >> reporter: they dawned in to night as they sat with their legs dangles.
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the ride slowly started it's descent back down. it was the second for the wind seeker this month. swimmers in the pool tonight in hopes of making a difference in the fight against cancer. wyatt will be among those taking a dip. you were in the pool last year because of the bad weather but we hope to hit the bay. >> reporter: this is another outstanding year for us here. swim across america and baltimore this is year three and -- million dollars raised for cancer research. it's a human thing for not just baltimore and swimmer across marry band but here -- where so many of the open water swimmers have been swimming for the big one mile open water or the three mile at gibson, sunday morning. i want to bring in eric -- now you are one of the lie
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performance coaches here and -- you know you have been involved this and a supporter for the last three years and i know your wife is swimming this year. you, a cancer survivor, talk about what it means to you? >> it's -- it goes beyond words because i experienceds it myself. the amount of money that gets raised through this and to help fight this hard battle is beyond words, but very much appreciated and it's something that's needed in this fight against cancer. >> yes and -- it's one of those things we hear over and over. people that have balloted cancer or have relative that have and they may be a first time swimmer, maybe a high performance, you know there is also a special swimmer that -- you know we interviewed here, just a couple years ago leading up to one of the first swims
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across america. alex -- trainee of yours. helped to race so much money but talk about that and we can hold up this plague. >> we did everything we asked him to do. he was so team focused and so involved in what we did here and making others better around him. he was so much more than just a swimmer. he had his -- how many people have a company under the age of 18? >> amazing. >> duct tape and -- now all the money that he put forth through fundraising through this great cause. he was all about caring for people and helping people out. the spirit of this is -- helping people out and -- something that in alex's memory we will always have associated with this event. >> one of those things that even after he was gone he said -- he said and his family said
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let's make all the donations to his swim across america effort and even this year i think it's thousands of dollars in his name. >> reporter: yeah. it's not just alex, his entire family. they are giving individuals. that's what he was all about. he was in this sport for himself but he was also in the sport for the friendship and he was much -- for himself as he was in it to help other people. dedicated he -- just shows how dedicate he was. >> we all swim for those who have fought or are fighting cancer. one of the high performance -- cheering the wife on and thank you for the interview and telling us more about alex. want to hit you up with that sunday morning swim across america forecast, thousands of people headed out to gibson, at
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this point in time weather looks good for the event. basically a morning in the low 60s, water temple in the mid60's and once you are out there swimming hard that air temperature and water temperature will be fine. we are live at meadowbrook. more live from here. >> you can nominate a swimmer, football player or a field hockey player for a student athlete of the week. abc 2news joining a belaire honda find the local star of the week. we will feature the student in the newscast to nominate your favorite just log on to the website. >> we know that air travelers expenses so you want to do everything you can to save money but you are probably making one of the seven most common booking errors, find out what they are to keep extra cash. >> and the millersville gill
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with a rare medical condition. how they are teaming up to help her. >> and looking beautiful this afternoon. some of those cotton ball clouds dancing across the skyline but trouble is brewing for saturday. a full look at the forecast coming up on the other side of the break.
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. you will have a new way to buy groupons. they are revealing their one online payment service. they said it's the lowest cost option former chants who want to make offers. using the app it lets retailers accept credit card was lower fees. the service is aimed at competing ones like e-bay's pay pal. senate airlines won't give you any tip when is it comes to finding cheaper flights but according to usa today, travelers making some booking error that are costing money. you should not shop at nights. airlines tend to release the cheap seats in the morning or afternoon. also avoid going away for just a long weekend. sunday, monday, thursday, friday, apparently those are the most expensive days of the week to fly. you are also going to pay more
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formations by departing in the afternoon. staying loyal to one airline, being inflexible with your travel dates and waiting until the last minute to book. we think baltimore is charm city. travel in le ivl e magazine disagrees. it makes baltimore the third dirtiest city in the country. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's get into the weather. beautiful shot. belaire this afternoon. temperatures kept down in to the upper 60's and 70 a on average. look at the clears, beautiful afternoon, evening setting up. this is the harbor camera showing us some of the clouds moving across the skyline.
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a comfortable 71 in town. 41% -- the winds light around 70. 71 right now. 74 -- look at frederick. that was the warm spot all afternoon. cool era long the area from delaware down to ocean city. terms of winds very relaxed three to seven miles an hour. planner through the evening. nice at 67 degrees. nighttime temperatures, right around 11, 59 degrees through the 50s and it's a cool wake one day mostly sunny sky, temperature around 55. you notice a few clouds along the skyline. had a couple shower around new york city. there is more clouds over the ohio valley. that will come in during the course of the day tomorrow. staying dry -- saturday is, a really strong storm system over hudson bay. going to drop a cold front. northern tier of minnesota.
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saturday afternoon. again if there is going to be humidity, maybe some of the storms trying to be severe, small hail from them. going into saturday evening. 64 right now in minnesota. 70 chicago, the cooler air over the eastern third. hop skip and a jump toward parts of denver, phoenix n is where the heat will maintain, 91 to around 100. blend of sun and clouds tomorrow. it'll be a dry day, like tomorrow but you will notice the clouds increasing west to east. maybe a spot shower over washington and garret. by saturday afternoon, this cold front comes in to play bringing in the chance ever a shower or thunderstorm. high pressure builds back in for sun and a beautiful an. breezy and cooler with temperatures falling back into the low 50s or -- 70s reaping. terms of future trend. temperatures -- cooler north and west of town. frederick flirting the upper 30s. into tomorrow afternoon mostly
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sunny with late clouds developing, temperatures in to the 70s. upper 70's close to 80's. not as chilly as we head friday night going into saturday as temperatures start to warm into saturday afternoon back around 80. mostly clear. look at the forecast highs for saturday. 83 with storms developing in the afternoon. breezy, cooler, 72, 70s -- in the next week. >> thank you mike. talking about the weather. may feel like autumn. some swimmers holding on for the summer for a real good cause. wyatt in mount washington -- on the swim across america event and it's for a great cause. >> kelly, good as a cause as there is and that's the fight against cancer. this event has created a new research center at john's hopkins and funded to the tune of over one million dollars
5:49 pm
over three years. just incredible effort here by swimmers across baltimore and the state of marylanda. you know one of those swimmers, i want to bring in now. ian and he is one of baltimore's owno limb yans, para you were in london this year and it's great to meet you. talk about that experience and about how you are going to sort of follow that experience with what we have coming up on sunday. >> london was a great experience. had a lot of fun. it was great to be in the international circuit and this sunday we will -- do the three mile in the bay and do it for my good friend joe who pass away last march. >> he was -- victim of cancer as well. >> yes. he was a victim of cancer. he had leukemia. he stayed out at johns hopkins children's cancer center and -- i would go with him, be in the hospital with him and just hang out there. >> reporter: and that's something else worth
5:50 pm
mentioning. you will be going to the hospital to the cancer facility as we go into saturday the day before the big swim. visit with some of the patients and you will share your gold medal >> yes. it'll be somewhat of a homecoming. i spent so much time with joe. i remember he -- would have loved to meet the athletes. it's good to go and talk to the kids. >> reporter: they will appreciate seeing a gold medalist, leapings on nah, what you did in london. all right. going to be good. going do be about raising more money and the big effort to fight cancer in baltimore and across maryland. >> there is more evidence of how important the hispanic vote will be in the election. the president held a town hall forum hosted by univision just
5:51 pm
one day after mitt romney held one. tory joining us live from washington tonight. another close day and because of that we see both candidates seem to be targeting the vote. 13% from the state of florida. >> yeah. you are right. the campaigns are making clear that they are going after the latino vote because it's a key voting block come november and in fact it was just yesterday that romney faced some of the tough questions on issues like immigration and at one point he tried to move past that hidden camera comment at the private fundraiser from in may but trying to make a more including approach. >> we had hoped to come back together but instead you see this pull apart and politics has driven us apart in some respects. my campaign is about the 1 fun% of america and i'm concerned about them. >> reporter: the president blamed republicans in congress for failure to agree on
5:52 pm
immigration reform during his first term. >> what -- i confess i did not expect and so i'm happy to take responsibility for being naive here is that republicans who had previously supported immigration reform suddenly would walk away. that's what i didn't anticipate. >> reporter: take a look at the numbers. this is a poll showing that the president really has a commanding lead over romney when it comes to latino vote, 66 to 26% and since the unofficial start to the general election which was back in april both campaigns had spent a combined total of $8.2 million on spanish language ads. >> all right. thank you for that live report. we will see you ten tomorrow. shifting to health news tonight a new study finds secondhand smoke may be worse for african americans. they analyzed data by comparing
5:53 pm
racial groups. men had the highest rate of exposure at 64% followed by african american women at 62%. among the infant who died from secondhand smoke between 24 and 36% sayah can american. >> reporter: a 13-year-old girl needs hour help. she is trying to defeat a serious brain disorder that affects a lot of people including herself. linda tells us how your support this weekend can help change lives. these girls are on a mission using facebook and youtube to spread the word about megan. she has a rare medical condition. >> it's a brain problem where part of the brain comes out of the skull. it puts pressure on your brain and spine, they can cause really bad spain. >> reporter: she has had several brain surgeries. she has pain.
5:54 pm
headaches. she doesn't let that keep her down. >> reporter: she deal was that amazingly. she is helping other people and i think it's amazing. >> reporter: they are teaming up to help her organize the second yearly walk to defeatt. last year she started the first walk in maryland. the event raised $25,000 with 400 participants. tess was one of the top earners,. >> that is a picture i decorated. >> reporter: i know everybody is saying like you can make a difference but this is really showing me that you can. >> she made this video about megan and ill loaded to youtube. they hope it'll raise awareness about it and why more research is needed. there is still no cure. >> i don't know how she goes through it every day. it just -- really she is inspirational for people with it. >> we will have bean bag races, and -- all kinds of different games like a bean bag
5:55 pm
throw, lacrosse shoot out. >> reporter: fun for the whole family while supporting a worthy cause. abc 2news. >> the walk is this saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the farm park in millersville. you can learn more about it. how you can help and raise money for the important cause. all the information is on the website abc click on the house tab and look for the story and get all the information you need. tonight, a new survey finds many moms letting their young children take sips from their drinks. why they think it's okay. and it's not to late to slip away for a weekend before the holidays. why this is a great time of get those and a lot more coming up. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom
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. we think there is a lot to love about our city but baltimore isn't getting any love from travel magazinet. named us as the third dirtiest city in the country. we were number six last year. it sites increase in complaints about e rats as the reason for the rating hike. the city that are dirtier than us, new orleans finished second and new york the big apple is in the top spot. fortune magazine revealed their 2012 list of the 5th most
5:59 pm
powerful women in business. the president and ceo of ibm holds the number one spot. the chair of pepsi second and the hp president number three. the drop, oprah, this year she has fallen to 50th spot. not here tonight but my partner in crime -- jamie is glowing with orange pride these days. we will tell you how you can help him prove he is the biggest orioles fan around. that's coming up on the news at six which starts right now. . >> you're watching the station works for you. now abc 2news at six. >> what a great day, low 70s tomorrow. you will love as a result. we may have problems to talk about. your full forecast coming up. >> keeping your child safe is always a priority but there is a new law about to go in tee effect to make sure you do just that and you just

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